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09 December 2009

15th single updates: Setlist and possible costumes

Super late update. So it seems that the two different versions for the single are promotions for the Team Playboy (PB) vs Team Young Jump (YJ) project that had been going on since RIVER.

Team Weekly Playboy - Kashiwagi, Miyazawa, Miyazaki, Oota, Nito, Takajo, Maeda Ami
Team Young Jump - Kasai, Kitahara, Nakagawa, Minegishi, Sashihara, Kuramochi, Kikuchi

The disk's setlist has also been announced.

Type A
01: Untitled
02: Majisuka Rock 'n' Roll
03: Enkyorii Poster (Team PB)

01: Untitled (music clip)
02: Majisuka Rock 'n' Roll (music clip)
03: Enkyorii Poster (music clip)(Team PB)

Type B
01: Untitled
02: Majisuka Rock 'n' Roll
03: Choose me! (Team YJ)

01: Untitled (music clip)
02: Majisuka Rock 'n' Roll (music clip)
03: Enkyorii Poster! (music clip)(Team YJ)

This single will have three songs and each song will have its own PV, for a total of 4 PVs (Type A, Type B, team PB, Team YJ). There will be no making of in either Type A or Type B. The first song and the second song will be the same for both types. The third song on Type A will be sung by the PB girls while the one on Type B will be sung by the YJ girls. Which means that the only difference between Type A and Type B is the cover, the 3rd song and it's PV.

The first song has been confirmed to be a graduation song. With the release date on Feb, this is just in time for the graduation period in Japan (Mar). Also, as you probably have guessed by now, the second song Majisuka Rock 'n' Roll will be used for the opening song of AKB's new drama Majisuka Gakuen.

Now for some strange news. One of AKB's many stalkers has took this picture of them when they were filming for something.

WTH? I'm fine with the Kimonos but what are those wings for?
Coincidentally, the date when the picture was taken falls on the same date which AKB filmed the PV (25 Nov). There's only two possibilities. That there will be a drama again, or that those kimonos are their actual dance costumes. Of course there is the possibility that they are filming for some TV show but with the date so coincidental, it's more possible for that it's related to the single.

Choose Me! will be performed on AKBINGO! 23 December 2009 (09/12/23) by the YJ girls. More information about the single may be announced at the RIVER handshake event at Osaka this weekend.

(Credits to S48's Armitage, Mihipyon, Jasey)

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