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AKB48 Is Looking for a Part-Time Member
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Details on the AKB48 Group Pennant Race
The AKB48 Group teams will compete against each other in a new event, the AKB48 Group Pennant Race. Points will be awarded based on theater ticket applications, theater version handshake ticket sales and sousenkyo votes.
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08 December 2009

Drama updates: The cast and their . . . nicknames.

The roles that the girls will be portraying in the drama have been announced. And so have their character's names. Their names have lots of references which some of you might not have even heard of. Prepare for massive LOLing.


Maeda Atsuko - Maeda Atsuko (Transfers to the school and into 2C)
Transfer student? Wearing glasses? Hmmm reminds me of Mei-chan no Shitsuji where the transfer student changes all the bad girls into good. Well they aren't bad in Mei-chan but you get the point. I'm not sure if 2C is the only class in the school that the girls will be occupying. Also Maeda seems to have some kind of past (look at Minami).
Yuko-senpai - Oshima Yuko (Leader of the strongest gang / wind instruments club "Rappappa")
Leader of strongest gang. So maybe she is like the main boss? Not the final boss but the main boss. She is also the leader of the wind instruments club "Rappappa". I'm guessing the club IS the gang. And WTH is rappappa. After intense Googling, the closest I connection I have found is a trumpet.
Sado - Shinoda Mariko (Subleader of Rappappa, manages the top 4)
Sado = Short for sadist. A sadist eh? Not sure which type of sadist they are refering to. There is the normal sadistic personality and the S&M sadist. Nevertheless this would be awesome. Also judging frm her fur coat, she is more of the rich yankee type.
Torigoya - Kojima Haruna (One of the top 4 in Rappappa, loves chickens)
Torigoya = Aviary/Henhouse. Loves chickens.... Alive or cooked? Well judging from her name she likes them alive. That could mean she is a possible enemy with Onizuka Daruma (Nachu).

RAPPAPPA CLUB TOP 4 (Torigoya above)
Shibuya - Itano Tomomi (One of the top 4 in Rappappa, gal)

Shibuya = One of the fashion centers of Japan. Tomochin is also the image girl for Shibuya 109. . Also gal refers to gyaru
Black - Kashiwagi Yuki (One of the top 4 in Rappappa, single mother)
The name Black could have came from an old AKBINGO episode on 22 April. Kitarie called Yukirin a 'Black Marimokkori'. Also Black being a single mother is going to be interesting. Maybe her past boyfriend/husband will be coming back to haunt her or something.
Gekikara - Matsui Rena (One of the top 4 in Rappappa, absent due to being sent to reform school)
Gekikara = Extremely hot. Rena is known to be the gekikara ace in the Shukan AKB spicy food challenge. Gekikara has also been sent to reform school. I'm assuming she assulted and maybe even killed soemone? Definitely violent. Even her face shows it.

Dance - Yagami Kumi
Kuumin has stated that her special talent is dancing hip-hop.
Anime - Nakaya Sayaka
Anime refers to Nakayan being really in to anime, she also wants to be a seiyuu and idolizes Nana Mizuki.
Jumbo - Tanabe Miku
Jumbo is another nickname that Tanamin has.
Rice - Yonezawa Rumi
Yonechan's last name in Japanese is 米沢, and 米 means 'rice'.
Showa - Katayama Haruka
Haachan loves the Showa era of Japan. Not sure if its the first or the second

TEAM HORMONE (A yankee group that chats in 2C while eating hormones)
Wota - Sashihara Rino (Leader)
Sasshi is well know for her wotagei performances in AKBINGO and has also performed them in front of a live audience of 450 people.
Unagi - Kitahara Rie
Unagi = eel. This could also a reference to an old AKBINGO episode on 22 April when Kashiwagi called Kitahara a 'Unagi-inu'(eel-dog).
Akicha - Takajo Aki
Takajo Aki's nickname.
Bungy - Nito Moeno
She was the fastest to complete the bungee challenge in the Shukan AKB episode. Yeah I'm aware that that is Bungee not Bungy.
Mukuchi - Komori Mika
Mukuchi = reticence or taciturnity (which means silent). Refers to Komorin being silent all the time.

Kabuki Sisters - Kasai Tomomi & Kuramochi Asuka
Kabuki = A type of Japanese performance. The makeup they have on resembles those used for Kabuki.
Nezumijo - Watanabe Mayu
Nezumijo = Mouse girl. Not sure what this means though.
Choukoku - Akimoto Sayaka
Choukoku = Could mean 'sculpt', 'engrave', or 'carve'. Probably related to the fact that Sayaka mentioned that her face is sharp like a chisel (Music Station Iiwake Maybe appearance).
Sansho Sisters - Oota Aika, Oku Manami, Miyazaki Miho (Small, but together they're strong)
Sansho = Japanese pepper. There is a saying that "Even a small bit of sansho is burning hot", which basically means that even someone who is small is someone you might not want to mess with. Hence the note next to it, "Small, but together they're strong". Judging from their clothing, they are also probably the rich yankee type.
Gakuran - Miyazawa Sae
Gakuran = Japanese male winter uniform. Sae could be a tomboy character.
Nekketsu Seito Kaicho  - Minegishi Minami

Nekketsu Seito Kaicho = Hot Blooded Student President.
Matsui - Matsui Jurina
Jurina's surname...
Erena - Ono Erena
..... I don't even need to tell you.
Minami - Takahashi Minami (Involved in Maeda's past)
..... Seriously...... Other than that, she is involved in Maeda's past in some way. Childhood friend? Previous classmate? The girl who stole Maeda's boyfriend? Me likes.
Onizuka Daruma - Nachu (A yankee that eats chicken wings when she wins)
Possible enemy of Torigoya (Kojima Haruna)?

(BIG credits to S48's mihipyon, ossan, GoGo's Hana, hina, SaeYaka)

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