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27 May 2010

AKB48 Senbatsu Election 2010 first results

The first results for the AKB48 Senbatsu Election 2010 is out. Only 2 weeks left until the voting ends. The second results will be released on 05 June, and the voting will end on 08 June with the final results announced on 09 June.

The interesting thing about the Senbatsu Election is that the wotas don't just vote the member they want to support the moment they get the voting ticket. There's a lot of behind the scenes stuff happening before the wotas actually vote. One example was how Amina was ranked 15th place in the first result with only 327 votes, 694 during the second result but in the final result she got to 8th place with 2,117 votes. This is only the first result, and there will be a lot of moving around once the second results get revealed.

01AMaeda Atsuko6846
02KOshima Yuko6317
03BWatanabe Mayu4072
04KItano Tomomi3807
05AShinoda Mariko3765
06ATakahashi Minami3319
07BKashiwagi Yuki2985
08SMatsui Rena2673
09KMiyazawa Sae2616
10AKojima Haruna2506
11ATakajo Aki2252
12KOno Erena1558
------------MEDIA LINE------
13BKasai Tomomi1422
14BKitahara Rie1379
15KMinegeshi Minami1345
16BSato Amina1275
17ASashihara Rino1224
18SMatsui Jurina1199
19ANakagawa Haruka977
20BMiyazaka Miho961
21KAkimoto Sayaka718
21AOota Aika718
------------SENBATSU LINE------
23AKuramochi Asuka704
24KMasuda Yuka653
25BHirajima Natsumi602
26BKomori Mika487
27KKikuchi Ayaka357
28KNito Moeno355
29KFujie Reina352
30BSato Sumire344
31KIIIshida Anna338
32SOoya Masana301
33SYagami Kumi291
34BIshida Haruka285
35KUmeda Ayaka276
36AKatayama Haruka259
37RSYamauchi Suzuran249
38KIITakayanagi Akane231
39RSOba Mina214
40KYonezawa Rumi208
------------UNDERGIRLS LINE------

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I'll get straight to the interesting facts. 
- Acchan makes the top spot. Wow what a surprise.... Yuko takes second place, no surprise there either. Yuko, however, is tailing Acchan by a mere 500 votes. How will Acchan and Yuko fans react to this? It will be interesting to see "the face of AKB" not in the centre of Single covers. 
- Takamina is 6th position. I'm sure most of you have heard this by now, AkiP mentioned in the Senbatsu Election Guide Book that Takamina's ranking will indicate the direction of AKB's future. If her ranking drops (assumingly based on last year's), it may mean goodbye to the AKB that we know.
- Matsui Rena 8th. I expected her to be in Senbatsu after her performance in Majisuka Gakuen. But I didn't expect her to be THIS high.
- Kojiharu ranked 10th. This is a surprise. What has happened to all the Kojima Oshis?
- Amina 16th. I think the Amina wotas are going to wait for the 2nd result and then vote all at once again like what they did last year.
- Sasshi jumps 10 places to take 17th. Majisuka effect?
- Harugon makes senbatsu. After getting left out of Undergirls the last election.
- Sayaka and Lovetan tied for 21st! Can't get more dramatic than this! Which of the 2 will take the Senbatsu spot? I'm hoping its Sayaka. 
- Ishida Anna, Ooya Masana, Takayanagi Akane in Undergirls? Wow this is really a surprise to me. Totally didn't expect this. Same for Yamauchi Suzuran and Oba Mina. This is the power of the wotas.

(Credits to aakun,  tokyolucifer, Naomi, jafeijai, z3144228)

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