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28 October 2010

AKB48 [Beginner] 1st Day Sales

And the number is......

   568k copies of Beginner sold in one day!!!!! Holy shit is that awesome or what! Half a million sold! Not only did they raze through the 1st day sales for Heavy Rotation (340k), but they smashed through it's 1st week too (527k)!! AKB48..... breaking records every time

   Beginner sets a new record for the highest first day sales figure for a Single since Oricon began announcing daily sales data. That's not all, Arashi's Single Monster previously set this year's record for first week sales with figures 543,000. AKB48 already passed that figure, and it's only the first day! Who knows how much more they will sell before the week ends?

   The biggest question is: Will they manage to sell enough by the end of the week to take the 1st position in the Oricon Yearly Singles Ranking? Standing with 698,542 copies is Arashi's Troublemaker. My guess is yes, they will overtake that amount. And they will do it within the week.

   Oh and to all the haters out there, especially all those butthurt Arashi fans who keep whining.
Photo courtesy of MecchaMelon

   No offence to Arashi and their other fans who aren't butthurt though. I still am an Arashi fan. But seriously they have been slacking off too much recently. They haven't produced anything epic since Troublemaker and everything after Monster is boring. And judging from the preview and the credits of Freeter, looks like Hatenai Sora will be the same too. So hopefully this new competition will get them back to their feet.


johpan said...

takoyaki is a pimp.

daryl1000 said...

man i wish i can post this in my fren's face:P

Kelzie said...

i hate to admit it ... but yes, arashi's producers have slacked off & got a little too confident. the boys are still working hard though.

congrats to akb48.