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29 October 2010

AKB48 [Beginner] 2nd & 3rd Day Sales

2nd Day: 112,151          3rd Day: 61,863
Total Sales so far: 742,109

    Only 3 days and Beginner breaks the 700k barrier!! I'm so proud of them ;___; . Watching them grow since 10nen Zakura, back then when their first day was still 20k and their first week was still 60k. And a year ago I started by blog with a post about RIVER's incredible 1st day sales. I still remember the hype from that day. Compared to now, that figure looks so small. Man have they grown a lot. I know I already said this but might as well say it again: AKB is on a roll.
   The biggest question is: Will they manage to sell enough by the end of the week to take the 1st position in the Oricon Yearly Singles Ranking? Standing with 698,542 copies is Arashi's Troublemaker. My guess is yes, they will overtake that amount. And they will do it within the week.
    Screw 1 week, they managed to outsell the highest sell group (currently) in 3 days! Beginner is now the highest selling Single of the year, and it doesn't look like that amount can be topped this year. How far more will they extend their lead before the end of the week? More than 800k is confirmed.

    Beginner also topped the Recochoku (a music download website in Japan) charts, with reports that the first day downloads were 3 times that of Heavy Rotation's. With this, AKB48 has extended their record for "the most consecutive no.1 single" with Beginner as the 6th. The reason for this is because, if you have been reading my posts, the Beginner PV in the Single was edited because it was "unsuitable for younger audiences". However, the original unedited version would be available on Recochoku for a limited time, which contributed to the great increase in sales.

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