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06 December 2010

SKE48 Team E formed, Team KII has member changes

     Just announced earlier today on the SKE48 Official Website, Team E has finally been formed, while Team KII has a few member swaps. The member profiles have been updated as well. (The sites may be slow or not loading due to heavy traffic, be patient.)

Team E
磯原杏華(2nd gen)Isohara Kyoka, 13
上野圭澄(3rd gen)Ueno Kasumi, 13
梅本まどか(4th gen)Umemoto Madoka, 18
金子栞(4th gen)Kaneko Shiori, 15
木本花音(4th gen)Kimoto Kanon, 13
小林亜実(4th gen)Kobayashi Ami, 17
酒井萌衣(4th gen)Sakai Mei, 13
柴田阿弥(4th gen)Shibata Aya, 17
高木由麻奈(4th gen)Takagi Yumana, 17
竹内舞(4th gen)Takeuchi Mai, 17
都築里佳(4th gen)Tsuzuki Rika, 14
中村優花(4th gen)Nakamura Yuka, 13
原望奈美(4th gen)Hara Minami, 14
間野春香(2nd gen)Mano Haruka, 13
山下ゆかり(4th gen)Yamashita Yukari, 14
山田恵里伽(3rd gen)Yamada Erika, 14

Promoted to Team KII
阿比留李帆 (2nd gen) Abiru Riho, 13
後藤理沙子 (3rd gen) Goto Risako, 13
秦佐和子 (3rd gen) Hata Sawako, 22
矢方美紀 (3rd gen) Yakata Miki, 18

Demoted to SKE RS from KII
井口栞里 Iguchi Shiori
内山命 Uchiyama Mikoto
鬼頭桃菜 Kito Momona
斉藤真木子 Saito Makiko

     Wow. Just wow. This new development is a little sudden and unexpected for me. Of course, ever since the 4th gen kenkyuusei came in, it was expected by some that Team E would form soon, because the number of kenkyuusei was getting pretty big. Still, it seems quite early, at least from my point of view. It has only been barely two months since the 4th gen came in.

     Yeah, okay, we had Kanon and Erika in 1!2!3!4!Yoroshiku! very soon after they came in. Come to think of it, it might have been a sign that they were ready to include the 4th gens into SKE48 as proper members soon, and they were making use of them to introduce the new batch. Sort of like the sudden inclusion of Jurina in Oogoe Diamond to promote SKE48 back then. And the sudden revert back to 16nin senbatsu might have signalled that as well. They'll probably keep Erika and Kanon in senbatsu for SKE's next single, but who else? I don't think SKE senbatsus will go back to 7nin anymore from this point forth.

     The new girls getting promoted so soon is sort of Akicha-style. They must be that promising that they don't have to train that long. Except, of course, the dynamics for SKE are different, seeing how they have an entire team unformed. Still, it's disconcerting to find not one, but FOUR Team KII members getting demoted in favour of 4th gens. I like Momona >_>

     Are they that good? We'll have to wait to find out....

1 comment:

Pavlova said...

i'm happy at the formation of K2, but the demotions% that's NASTY. I hope those girls get to go up again. imagine how they must have felt when they were told... ugh