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11 September 2011

SKE48 5th Generation Auditions

The search for the 5th generation members of SKE48 had just gone underway a few days ago on September 5th. The application period will span 26 days, until the 30th of this month. Females ages 11-22, with or without prior experience, are encouraged to participate. Those who pass the audition will join the current 9 research students in performing A1 periodically and serving as the full-fledged members' unders.

Those interested in auditioning for SKE48 can access the application via:
1) A downloadable form on SKE48's official website; the link can be found at the bottom of this page:
3) A form attached to one of SKE48's magazines. (Unsure of which)
3) Pick-up from Shop48 on the 5th floor of Nagoya's Sunshine Sakae building, where the group's theater is based.

Contact information:
Phone: 052-959-4803 (Hours of Operation: 10AM - 6PM JST)
E-mail: ske48-audition@pyp.co.jp

SKE48's 4th generation audition had 5,888 girls apply, with 368 selected for the auditions, and only 16 making the final cut. SKE48's growing popularity will definitely spur more to apply this time around; it has certainly helped boost the group's sales figure.

Now that Team E had been formed with many of the 4th generation girls, the new recruits who come out of this upcoming election will not have many opportunities to shine. Since SKE contains the fewest number of Kenkyuuseis, more trainees will be needed to replace missing team members during stage shows. But because all 3 main teams - S,K, and E, are occupied, will attempting and passing this audition still be worthwhile? Or is management thinking of forming SKE48's own Team 4?

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