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16 December 2011

AKB48 24th single [Ue kara Mariko] breaks many records + Review

AKB48's 24th single [Ue kara Mariko] has sold
copies in the first week getting the #1 spot as well breaking many records along the way.
From everyday48.net:
"Ue kara Mariko" sold 1.19 million copies during its debut week, becoming the 5th single with the highest first week sales ever in japan. Making this AKB48's 4th "First Week Million" single, this also marks all the singles released by AKB as million sellers.

- Ever since "Sakura no Ki ni Narou" (2011/2 Release, 1.07 million) this makes their 5th consecutive million seller and 6th million seller overall. In the "Amount of Million-seller Singles by Female Artists" category, AKB surpassed Pink Lady, Amuro Namie, Hamasaki Ayumi and Utada Hikaru's record of 5 singles, getting into the top as the first female artist in japan to have 6 singles as million sellers.

- This also becomes AKB's 11th single debuting at 1# in the Weekly Charts, putting them to share the record as the female group with most 1# Singles with Morning Musume.

- In Japan, AKB48 became the first artist to have 5 consecutive Million Seller Singles since GLAY's streak that ended with "Winter, again" (1999/2 Release) after almost 13 years ago.
    Best First Week Sales in Japan (Singles)

    1. AKB48 - Flying Get (2011/8/24): 1.35 Million
    2. AKB48 - Everyday, Kachuusha (2011/5/25): 1.33 Million
    3. AKB48 - Kaze wa Fuiteiru (2011/10/26): 1.30 Million

    4. Mr.Children - Naominaki Uta (1996/2/5): 1.20 Million
    5. AKB48 - Ue kara Mariko (2011/12/7): 1.19 Million

    Most Single Million Sellers in Japan (Female Artists Category)

    1. AKB48 (6 Singles)
    2. Pink Lady (5 Singles)
    2. Amuro Namie (5 Singles)
    2. Utada Hikaru (5 Singles)
    2. Hamasaki Ayumi (5 Singles)

Wow. History of Japanese music seems to have re-written thanks to this single.
 Now onto the review:

Ue kara Mariko (上からマリコ) 

Ue kara Mariko was specially written for Mariko after she won the first Janken tournament. Its a pretty fun generic song. At first I was like "meh" but the song slowly grows on you. Must be the Mariko effect. ;)

Noel no Yoru (ノエルの夜) 

Now we have the Christmas song and probably one of AKB's best b-sides. The simple tunes and acoustic guitar with the verses of the song give it such a wonderful feeling of  Christmas. Absolutely recommended.

Rinjin wa Kizutsukanai (隣人は傷つかない) (Team A)

The exclusive team songs starts from here and I will not deny it but to me [Rinjin wa Kizutsukanai] was the best this year. It's not the vocals that grab your attention, its the instrumentals used in Rinjin. The vocals just add more to the dark and mysterious vibes that this track gives out. Team A sticks to their "cool" image this time as well.

Zero-Sum Taiyou (ゼロサム太陽) (Team K)

I was expecting something like [ALIVE] from last year's Janken single but [Zero-Sum Taiyou] isn't bad either. While its not fierce as last year, this track has a euro upbeat music to it, which somehow strangely fits Team K. The PV was a bit weird though. It was going fine the first half and then the second half just got a bit weird.

Yobisute Fantasy (呼び捨てファンタジー) (Team B)

I am so happy that this time Team B got such a good song. [Love Jump] from last year is probably the least favorite track for me. Yes, even in this song Team B sticks their "cute" image but this song is far far better than what they had gotten last year. This upbeat song is what the team needed and perhaps fits them the most. The chorus is so addictive! Only problem is that the members speak in between the song killing it a bit. Otherwise, its perfect.

Hashire! Penguin (走れ!ペンギン) (Team 4)

Team 4 finally got their own song! I was so happy but after listening to it, I'm not so sure anymore. [Hashire! Penguin] was originally the A-side but had to be changed so as to fit Mariko's image and as much I love Team 4, this track is probably the most boring out of all them. Its too generic. But I still wish there had been a PV to this, the choreography is so adorable.

Overall Verdict:

Compared to last year [Chance no Junban], this single is much better. The A-side is good, the b-side is amazing and I couldn't ask for better versions of the team songs. AKB48 has fittingly ended their 2011 with this single. Also congratulations to AKB for breaking so many records as well as achieving their 6th one million seller!

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