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15 March 2012

AKB48's Nationwide Concert Titled [Nonaka Misato, Ugoku]

Akimoto Yasushi announced on his Google+ last night the title of AKB48's nationwide tour. This time it is Nonaka Misato's turn to have a concert named after her.

The nationwide AKB48 concert tour is titled [Nonaka Misato, Ugoku. ~47 Todoufuken de Aimashou~]. This literally translates to "Nonaka Misato In Action. Let's Meet at the 47 Prefectures."

Nonaka Misato, Ugoku. ~47 Todoufuken de Aimashou~

Date: TBA
Venue: TBA, All 47 Prefectures

Here is a translation of the announcement:

Akimoto Yasushi  -  10:06 PM  -  Mobile  -  Public
I have decided the title for the National Tour in the 47 Todoufuken and I'll announce it here.
AKB48 National Tour 2012
Nonaka Misato, Ugoku.
~47 Todoufuken de Aimashou~
Finally, Nonaka Misato is on the move.
It gives the impression that AKB48 is about to start something.
This year we're trying to go from "Idols that you could go see and possibly meet"
to "Idols that you could go see and meet".
Please enjoy.
Nonaka, do your best!

He elaborated on this decision in a later post:

Akimoto Yasushi  -  10:57 PM  -  Mobile  -  Public
Even after we started google+, I have been fascinated by Nonaka's unambitiousness.
AKB48 is just like a class in school.
It would be nice to have all kinds of personalities.
Since we're going to all of the 47 Prefectures, I want to show everyone a different AKB48, one that is different than on TV or in magazines.
"Who is Nonaka Misato?"
"Is she in AKB?"

That's the kind of interest I want to generate.
And of course, "I didn't know AKB had girls this pretty?" <----- not quite sure if that's the intended tone
"AKB really has all sorts of girls."
I would love for people to actually go to the concerts and find out for themselves.
I am going to start a "I am Nonaka Misato" campaign, and would like to ask the relevant staff to help me out.
Let's get on with the gravure shoot.

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