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14 March 2012

Because You Were There for Me: Sashihara Rino

From Shukan Asahi's interview series, this is a story about Sashihara Rino and her grandmother, I guess there is one thing true about all parents, not matter how much they object what you are doing, they will nevertheless worry about your health and well-being.

The truth behind the shocking words said by my grandmother
Translated by mamothb

When I entered AKB, the only person who objected was my grandmother. She said, "Are you sure it's okay to join that dubious group?"

When I told her that the producer is the same person who wrote the lyrics for "Kawa no nagare no yo ni", she seemed to accept it a little, but nevertheless, she still didn't change her objection. In the end, I left for Tokyo without even bidding farewell to her.

On a day about 1 year later, a cupboard box arrived from my grandmother. After I opened it, it was filled with dried persimmons and cookies. In a letter, my grandmother wrote, "I've sent you some of your favourite food. Do your best." Just like my grandmother said, it was full of things I said delicious when I ate them at my grandmother's house when I was a child. To even remember things such a long time ago, although she objected at first, now she's supporting me......

While I stuffed myself with dried persimmons, tears rolled down my cheeks, "Even I don't really like dried persimmons now, thank you."

After that, I was really busy and didn't have time to call home, but a few days ago, I was able to return back to my hometown for the first time since 2 years. As soon as I saw my grandmother's face, I was filled with nostalgia and as expected, I cried.  Furthermore, I was shocked when I entered the living room. Half of sideboard was filled with the magazine and DVD which I appeared in, they are lined up as if they were trophies. After looking at that, I could no longer stop my tears.

Recently, Akimoto Yasushi-sensei has came up with words called "Sashiko Power" for my sake, "Without outstanding cuteness, a gutless good-for-nothing called 'Sashiko'. But even so, someone like that can have her dream come true. That's why she's a presence that gives me energy. I shall name that power 'Sashiko Power'". It's kind of ambiguous whether he's praising me or not, but still I'm grateful to him for coming up with these words. But there's one thing that bugs me, that is the part which says "without outstanding cuteness"(laughs). But then since I'm an AKB member, I believe that I should be reasonably cute. Moreover this is my grandmother's house, someone who's my diehard fan. As we watched the concert DVD, my grandmother commented, "Acchan has the aura, Rie-chan is becoming prettier and prettier." She has remembered the names of members other than me. Among those members, I should be the "cute granddaughter she can be proud of", or so I thought. "That girl just now looked a little ugly, she doesn't really stand out from the rest."

Uh...That's me...... I never would have thought that she wouldn't care about how I feel, and what's more she used the word "ugly". So I thought my grandmother was just joking but her face was straight. So, she really meant that(laughs). My grandmother laughed as if to gloss over the situation. I laughed as well. And then we glanced at my photos in the sideboard, and laughed out loud after being unable to hold it any longer.

Grandmother, thank you for various reasons. Thanks to you, I'm now able to face reality. I'm looking forward to you stimulating company.(laughs)

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