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04 March 2012

SKE48's Ono Haruka to Graduate at End of March

Announced at the Team S stage show earlier tonight, SKE48's Ono Haruka will graduate at the end of March 2012.

At the show Haachan explained that the decision was nothing sudden and she has been discussing it with the staff since a year or two ago, however the staff told her that it was still too early for her and so she stayed. But now her mind is clear. She didn't saw what she wanted to do after SKE48, but mentioned that she will pursue the music path on her own.

Once she graduates there will be 3 empty spots in SKE48, 2 from Team S (Matsushita Yui, Ono Haruka) and 1 from Team E (Nakamura Yuka).

Translated by Emptystring
I, Ono Haruka, will be graduating from SKE48, after having gained a lot from this experience.

Sorry for the sudden announcement, but I have actually been thinking about this for 1-2 years.
Staff members said, "It's still early" and wanted to stop me, but I have decided to go down a different path than SKE48 and took the chance.

I have not decided what I will be doing, but since I have worked on my singing, I think I want to work on something entirely different.

I have received great support for about...3.5 years.
A long time, but I felt it went by so fast.
Thank you for the support.

I am who I am today because of everyone's support.
Please continue to cheer for me wherever I go.

I am here for another month, please bear with me.

(not quite sure what these last 3 sentences said, but something about graduating with a positive attitude)

Nooooo Haachan ;____; I will miss you.
Since the other Team S members present at the show did not seem surprised by her announcement, she probably told them about it beforehand. It's good that she has finally made up her mind after a year. She said that she will continue to be in the music industry so let's hope to see more from her after she graduates.

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