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05 July 2012

Janken Tournament 2012 AKB48 and SKE48 Kenkyuusei Preliminary Round Result

The preliminary rounds of the janken tournament to decide the senbatsu members for AKB48's 29th single continue, with the AKB48 and SKE48 Kenkyuusei rounds taking place.

12th generation member Saeed Yokota Erena won the AKB48 kenkyuusei tournament, advancing into the final. The six recent promotees to AKB48, whilst still not a member of any team, advance straight into the final.

Winning the SKE48 kenkyuusei tournament was Saito Makiko who now advances into the full SKE48 preliminary tournament where eight members will proceed to the final.

Congratulations to Saeed and Makiko! The janken single is a great opportunity for members who don't normally get exposure in singles to make it to senbatsu, so is a big chance for Kenkyuusei. It will be interesting to see how far they proceed in the next round.

The full results are below, with winners names in bold. Some members had passes straight into round 2, these members were picked by a random draw.


Round 1:
Mitsumune Kaoru vs Umeta Ayano
Amemiya Maika vs Oshima Ryoka
Mutou Tomu vs Kitazawa Saki
Mogi Shinobu vs Moriyama Sakura
Takashima Yurina vs Sasaki Yukari

Round 2:
Mitsumune Kaoru vs Murayama Yuiri
Amemiya Maika vs Kita Shiori
Kitazawa Saki vs Watanabe Nene
Iwatate Saho vs Okada Ayaka
Moriyama Sakura vs Saeed Yokota Erena
Hirata Rina vs Shinozaki Ayana
Sasaki Yukari vs Hasegawa Haruna
Aigasa Moe vs Omori Miyuu

Round 3:
Murayama Yuiri vs Kita Shiori
Watanabe Nene vs Iwatate Saho
Saeed Yokota Erena vs Shinozaki Ayana
Hasegawa Haruna vs Omori Miyuu

Round 4:
Murayama Yuiri vs Watanabe Nene
Saeed Yokota Erena vs Omori Miyuu

Round 5:
Murayama Yuiri vs Saeed Yokota Erena


Round 1:
Miyamae Ami vs Ichino Narumi
Futamura Haruka vs Furuhata Nao
Kito Momona vs Hioki Miki
Iwanaga Tsugumi vs Inuzuka Asana
Ego Yuna vs Owaki Arisa

Round 2:
Ichino Narumi vs Saito Makiko
Furuhata Nao vs Niidoi Sayaka
Hioki Miki vs Suga Nanako
Ogino Risa vs Yamada Mizuho
Inuzuka Asana vs Matsumura Kaori
Fujimoto Mitsuki vs Kobayashi Emiri
Owaki Arisa vs Honoka Mizuno
Iguchi Shiori vs Uchiyama Mikoto

Round 3:
Saito Makiko vs Furuhata Nao
Suga Nanako vs Ogino Risa
Inuzuka Asana vs Kobayashi Emiri
Iguchi Shiori vs Honoka Mizuno

Round 3:
Saito Makiko vs Ogino Risa
Kobayashi Emiri vs Iguchi Shiori

Round 4:
Saito Makiko vs Kobayashi Emiri

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