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09 July 2012

Janken Tournament 2012 SKE48 Preliminary Round Result

The SKE48 preliminary round of the janken tournament to decide the senbatsu members for AKB48's 29th single has now taken place. The lucky winners are:

Team S:
Nakanishi Yuka
Hiramatsu Kanako

Team KII:
Sato Seira
Sato Meiko

Team E:
Kobayashi Ami
Ueno Kasumi
Kimoto Kanon
Tagaki Yumana

Despite being pictured with the winners, Matsui Jurina did not participate in this preliminary round as she will be participating in the event as a member of AKB48. The final janken tournament to determine the single senbatsu will take place on September 18th at the Budokan.

Full results are below, with winners of each battle in bold. There were 8 groups as there were 8 places up for grabs. Some members got a bye into the second round, this was decided by lucky draw. (You could call round 1 a kind of preliminary round)

Group A:
Round 1:
Kinoshita Yukiko vs Ishida Anna
Nakanishi Yuka vs Akaeda Ririna
Round 2:
Ishida Anna vs Mukaida Manatsu
Nakanishi Yuka vs Kato Tomoko
Round 3:
Mukaida Manatsu vs Nakanishi Yuka

Group B:
Round 1:
Yakata Miki vs Kobayashi Ami
Goto Risako vs Hara Minami
Round 2:
Kobayashi Ami vs Shibata Aya
Hara Minami vs Yagami Kumi
Round 3:
Kobayashi Ami vs Yagami Kumi

Group C:
Round 1:
Kato Rumi vs Hiramatsu Kanako
Round 2:
Hiramatsu Kanako vs Ogiso Shiori
Isohara Kyoka vs Takada Shiori
Round 3:
Hiramatsu Kanako vs Takada Shiori

Group D:
Round 1:
Suda Akari vs Deguchi Aki
Round 2:
Suda Akari vs Matsumoto Rina
Ueno Kasumi vs Hata Shawako
Round 3:
Matsumoto Rina vs Ueno Kasumi

Group E:
Round 1:
Kimoto Kanon vs Furukawa Airin
Round 2:
Kimoto Kanon vs Takayanagi Akane
Hirata Rikako vs Kaneko Shiori
Round 3:
Kimoto Kanon vs Hirata Rikako

Group F:
Round 1:
Kizaki Yuria vs Sakai Mei
Round 2:
Sakai Mei vs Sato Seira
Saito Makiko vs Umemoto Madoka
Round 3:
Sato Seira vs Umemoto Madoka

Group G:
Round 1:
Yamashita Yukapi vs Kuwabara Mizuki
Round 2:
Kuwabara Mizuki vs Tsuzuku Rika
Takagi Yumana vs Oya Masana
Round 3:
Takagi Yumana vs Kuwabara Mizuki

Group H:
Round 1:
Sato Mieko vs Yamada Reika
Round 2:
Sato Meiko vs Abiru Riho
Takeuchi Mai vs Matsui Rena
Round 3:
Sato Meiko vs Matsui Rena

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