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22 May 2011

AKB48 Kenkyuusei Suzuki Shihori Promoted to Team B

Announced on a Theater no Megami performance today, AKB48 12th gen Kenkyuusei Suzuki Shihori has been promoted to Team B. She will be filling up the gap created by graduating member Oku Manami.

Some information about Suzuki Shihori (Shihorin), she is 17 years old and is currently in 3rd year of High School. She is the tallest member in all of AKB48, standing at 171cm (the previous tallest was Shinoda Mariko at only 168cm). Her other nickname is Purple, because a kanji in her name is the kanji for purple (鈴木帆里).

Shihorin takes Kasai Tomomi's spot in Candy for the Kenkyuusei version of B5.

Shihorin was actually a member of AKB48 before. She was a 7th gen Kenkyuusei, and actually got promoted to Team B during the Team Shuffles 2 years ago. However she withdrew from the group shortly after because she felt "half-hearted and felt that she could not continue with her naive way of thinking, while her peers were desperately trying to achieve their dreams". Then during the Tokyo Aki Matsuri concert last year, she surprised everyone by appearing back on stage with the rest of the 11gens.

Some fans aren't that happy about Shihorin's promotion. "Like someone who got her turn but then left. Comes back later when the queue is long and the staff decide it's ok to let her jump queue." was what one person said.

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