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21 May 2011

Team N 2nd Stage [Seishun Girls]

On May 19 NMB48's Team N performed its second stage Seishun Girls for the first time.

Team N 2nd Stage [Seishun Girls]
No. Romaji Japanese Translation Singers
M00 Overture - - -
M01 Seishun Girls 青春ガールズ Young Girls Team N
M02 Beach Sandal ビーチサンダル - Team N
M03 Kimi ga Hoshi ni Naru Made 君が星になるまで Until you become a star Team N
MC1 - - - -
M04 Blue Rose - - Yamamoto, Ogasawara, Kishino, Fukumoto
M05 Kinjirareta Futari 禁じられた2人 A Forbidden Pair Yamada, Yoshida
M06 Ame no Doubutsuen 雨の動物園 The rainy zoo Watanabe, Kondo, Jonishi, Shiroma, Kadowaki, Mori, Matsuda, Kinoshita
M08 Fushidara na Natsu ふしだらな夏 A loose summer Ogasawara, Jonishi, Kinoshita, Fukumoto, Mori, Yamada, Yamamoto, Watanabe, Yoshida
MC2 - - - -
M09 Don't disturb! - - Team N
M10 Virgin love
- Team N
M11 Hizukehenkousen 日付変更線 International Date Line Team N
MC3 - - - -
M12 Boku no Uchiage Hanabi 僕の打ち上げ花火 My launched fireworks Team N
M13 Yakusoku yo 約束よ It's a promise, you know Team N
EC - - - -
EC1 Korogaru Ishi ni Nare 転がる石になれ Become a rolling stone Team N
EC2 Cinderella wa Damasarenai シンデレラは騙されない Cinderella won't be deceived Yamamoto, Watanabe, Yamada, Ogasawara, Yoshida, Kondo
Ame no Doubutsuen
Watanabe: Elephant, Kondo: Giraffe, Jonishi: Penguin, Shiroma: Chimpanzee, Kadowaki: Panda, Mori: Camel, Matsuda: Lion, Kinoshita: Zebra

I think there are some decision in this line-up that need to be talked about. On the one hand, there are some positions I agree with. Yamamoto Sayaka in Blue Rose for example. NMB48 does not have many fierce girls, and Yamamoto Sayaka is one of the few who I think can pull it of.

Yoshida Akari is an interesting choice for Kinjirareta Futari. I can only see her in 'innocent' idol-like songs, so I am quite curious about this unit.

But there is one thing I really cannot say anything good about. Shinohara Kanna and Kotani Riho are not in any units. I knew that in K2 not all girls got units. When Team K performed Seishun Girls in 2006, Sato Natsuki and Takada Ayana were left out, too. But I really hoped they would change this point for Team N.

This is especially bad because one of the left out girls is Kotani Riho. I have seen her perform and she is good, too good to be left out. Also I see her as one of the girls that could pull of Blue Rose. At least I could picture her better in that song than Ogasawara Mayu.

As usually there are decisions I agree with, and some I don't agree with. Often this is a matter of personal tastes, of course. Overall N2 line-up is ok, but it could have been better. For example, Yamada Nana and Watanabe Miyuki got the same kind of units like last time (Nana the ballad duet in white dresses, Miyuki the cutesy left-over girl unit). Where is the variety?

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